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Add:No. 6, Yungu Road, Huangshan Industrial Park, Anhui
Zip Code:245700

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Huangshan Shun Titanium New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise engaged in the production and sale of two or three-layer explosive composite products such as stainless steel, titanium, nickel, copper and its alloy/steel, zirconium/steel, etc. Products are widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, salt making, medicine, electronics, metallurgy, marine engineering and environmental protection industries. The company is located in Huangshan Industrial Park, Anhui Province, covering an area of more than 24,000 square meters.
The company has more than 50 employees in composite board manufacturing, of which 60% are professional technicians, covering technical processes, non-destructive testing, physical and chemical testing, professional welding and other types of work. The company has the ability to work according to GB and ASME. The process formulation can strictly implement relevant regulations and standards, meet the design and manufacture needs of composite board, and communicate with domestic and foreign engineering design units or users in time.
The company's workshop area is more than 9500 square meters, including 1500 square meters of clean workshop for non-ferrous metal welding. The first and second grade storehouses of welding materials and physical and chemical laboratories which meet the requirements of temperature and humidity conditions are set up. There are more than 60 sets of equipment for manufacturing and testing composite plates, including welding equipment, hydraulic equipment, lifting equipment, cutting (cutting) equipment, heat treatment equipment, machine-added equipment, physical and chemical performance testing equipment and necessary tooling equipment.
The company is committed to the extension and expansion of the application field of non-ferrous metal materials, and regards saving energy and resources as our social responsibility and obligation. In line with the business philosophy of "Your needs are our pursuit", the company will serve customers in all walks of life at home and abroad.
Company Address: No. 6 Yungu Road, Huangshan Industrial Park, Anhui Province.
Postal code: 245700
Tel: 0559-8580106